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Stunning Bissette-Cooley House in Nashville, NC

The Bissette-Cooley House in Nashville, NC was home to two pillars of the Nashville community who made their success in different ways.

Nashville, NC originated in 1780 when the first permanent Nash County courthouse was constructed there and it was made the county seat. George N. Bissette was born in 1864 on a small, rural farm in Nash County and moved to Nashville in the mid 1880s to make his fortune. Situated near a new courthouse built in 1834, the Arrington-Bissette Store became Nashville's largest mercantile.

George built his Neoclassical Revival style home in 1911 reflecting the most prosperous period in Nashville's history. After George died, the home was sold to Nashville attorney Harold Dunbar Cooley who was a U.S. Congressmen from 1934-1966 and was a forceful advocate for North Carolina farmers.

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