Southern Reverie is about the people, places, history, food, drink, art, music, and stories of the South. We personally travel to all the places we feature, take the photos, and tell the stories -- we wouldn't have it any other way. Discovering the perfect back road, meeting local legends, tasting regional delicacies, and uncovering the stories and history of these beautiful states is the perfect reverie to be lost in.


Our founder, Shawna Dye Culik, was born on a farm in rural Tennessee and after traveling around all fifty states,

and thirty five countries, she came home and became

happily lost in traveling throughout the South.

There's some magic in returning to your roots.

We want to tell the stories of the South as authentically as possible and have always believed you have to go to know.


So come along, y'all. We have some exploring to do.


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Charlotte, NC 28246, USA


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